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Eternal: Without beginning or end; Not effected by time. Kilter: Proper, sound state of readiness. Fascists and other socially inept wimps need not apply. Focus on long term ramifications not on the 24 hour media news cycle.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Further Hope....If it is not a scam.

We need more former muslims to speak out against the #1 danger to freedom every where.......



Monday, November 28, 2005

There is Hope

Not to sound like a fanatic forcing his ways as an apostle, but this is a good website for some specific Biblical criticism's of I$lam's dogmatic contradictions.

Lord knows I am no example of Christianity not its tenants; but I do believe that all the religions of Peace have some form of merit as there are common threads that are lacking in I$lam.

What scares me about I$lam is its propensity for hatred and oppression in the name of a documented pedophile named Muhamhed.


An Oldie but Goodie

Salvaged this from my archives.

Think this is important enough to bring up again. Why are there no follow up stories on ABC, CBS, NBC, ETC?

Extremist Wahhabi ideology being spread through Mosques.

Reading the article sends chills up my spins as I wonder what the "kinder & gentler" Muslims have to say about the Wahhabi factions operating world wide.

US media marketers have yet to address the issue that Islam is preaching hate and racism.Points to ponder: Sunnis hate democracy (self proclaimed enemy of democracy in the middle East), destroy icons of peace (Buddha statues and Buddhist sanctuaries in Afghanistan), and teach children to martyr themselves all in the name of building a future (Palestine and elsewhere).

But what future do they have in mind?

Would any of the insurgents from Iraq, the Philippines, Mexico, Any-Stan, Iran, Yemen, etc..... Too many to name and I get off track.

Would they think twice about walking down the hallway of your home at night and slit the necks of your children while you slept a blissful sleep?

Take a moment to picture your current neighborhood if it was to be run and managed by such a mind set.

Not exactly where I want my children to grow, learn, flourish, and build a future.


Fresh Start

Started a blog for my personnel use. Was not really ever intending for anyone to read it. At least not anyone that I knew. Great thing about the edit feature. "Delete" works just as well as "publish."

So with this fresh start I will continue with the original intent as posted.

But I will retain my right to scream.........................

Islamophobia is A Natural Act!


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wow, that came on a bit strong.

While I don't regret the post, it makes me wonder how blogs will evolve over time as the authors do.

Had to delete the follow on comments as some folks did not read my initial intent: No fascists!

Here is a less contrived mission statement:

Eternal Kilter: Wish I had it.
What I really want to inspire here is Social Commentary aka rants derived from a high caffeine intake limited only by spell check's inability to repair a lack of typing skills.
Goal: Reinforce Faith in humanity and the science of human endeavor pursuing the light of God's peace and energy that connects us all.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

New guy starts his blog.

This is a new blog by a new blogger.

Developed my "mission statement" so to speak, I think perhaps I have come across a little strong.

Lest we lose sight of the goal, I would like to post the wisdom of a man who led men in combat and a nation against a burgeoning hegemonic ideology, aka communism.

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

We are in a similar crisis with the overtly declared hostile intent of the most current enemies of freedom: Islam.

That said, I believe our national goal is not to exterminate Islamists nor to wage a never ending war against our enemies. The goal is to deter our enemies in the protection of Americans and free peoples everywhere; simultaneously building better lives for all people.

It would be ideal if we could instontaniously elevate the entire world to our levels of medical care, educational opportunities, hygiene, security, and so on. But it isn't possible. we can't even do it at home.

What we can do is provide the tools and vision to make it possible over time. Our ancestors in America, at least mine, were part of the poor, tired, and hungry that came to this land in search of opportunity. Their lives were not made easier overnight but over generations of work in an environment of freedom.

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